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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference

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Sunday, 13.09.2015   09:30-10:20   Room B
Colombian anti-bullfighting movement, an anti-speciesist approach
Terry Hurtado

The Colombian anti-bullfighting movement has developed in a unique way, enabling an animal rights approach within the movement. On the other hand, the wider animal protection movement, which is currently building up and has been in the recent year, has found in the anti-bullfighting movement a reference to understand itself as a social actor and a grass roots movement. Therefore an anti-speciesist approach has been growing within the broader animal protection movement that has been pushing to more radical positions the diverse expressions of other non-human animal issues. The presentation would go through how the broader animal protection movement in Colombia has been radicalized through a specific campaign and its main achievements. It will pointed out the crucial moment in which it is at: possibly abolishing bullfights in the capital of Colombia through a Popular Consult. Also the impacts of a constitutional decision made by the people for the international anti-bullfighting movement and the international animal rights movement. As well of ways to support this campaign from European and North American organizations and how to stop the attempts of the bullfighting industry to expand to non-bullfighting counties.













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