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Jens Tuider

Jens TuiderJens Tuider is pursuing a PhD in philosophy at the University of Mannheim, Germany, with a focus on animal ethics, and has given presentations and workshops at a number of international events such as the Minding Animals Conference 2012 in Utrecht (Netherlands), the International Animal Rights Conference 2013 and 2014 in Luxembourg, and the Tierrechtskongress (Animal Rights Congress) in Vienna, Austria. In 2012 he won an award from Germany`s Gesellschaft für analytische Philosophie (Society for Analytical Philosophy) for his essay on the ethics of eating animals and has published various academic articles. Jens is the translations coordinator of Melanie Joy`s organization Beyond Carnism (formerly CAAN). He is also part of the interdisciplinary working group IAT (Heidelberg, Germany), which organizes lectures and seminars on the subject of animal ethics, and he runs an online database providing a comprehensive and systematically structured collection of rebuttals of standard objections to animal rights (



Bringing animal rights theory down to earth

Animal rights arguments







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