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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference

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Please note that this program is not complete yet and that there will most likely still be some changes in the next weeks to the times of some presentations and some will still be added.

P= presentation    D= discussion    W= workshop    M= movie

Thursday, September 10th 2015

12:00-20:00     Registration & Infopoint open
13:30-21:30Exhibit/Stalls Rooms open
14:00-14:40Opening Plenary
15:00-15:50PTotal liberation or animal rights only?
Kadri Aavik
16:00-16:50PThe EU law and animal protection during international transport
Malgorzata Lubelska-Sazanów
16:00-16:50PDoing the most good
Sharon Nuñez
17:00-17:50PBringing animal rights theory down to earth
Jens Tuider
17:00-17:50PA vegan future: justice and peace for animals and children
Karin Nagi
18:30-19:20WWhat I wish I had known: Burnout and self care in our activism
Tino Verducci
18:30-19:50PAkrasia and the activist`s frustration: The persistence of animal consumption
Elisa Aaltola
20:00-21:30Welcome Reception with free food

Friday, September 11th 2015

08:30-21:30     Registration & Infopoint open
09:00-21:30Exhibit/Stalls Rooms open
09:00-09:50Friday Morning Plenary
George Guimaraes, Ahmad Safi
10:00-10:50WMedia Workshop - reaching the big audience in an effective way
Toby Schionning
10:00-10:50PCreative actions
George Guimaraes
11:00-11:50PMaking compassion easier: a strategy for achieving vegan critical mass
Tobias Leenaert
11:00-11:50WImagining cow being
Terry Hurtado
12:00-13:20PAll the benefits of veganism
Stijn Bruers
12:00-13:20WTotal Liberation Workshop
Aga Trzak
14:30-15:20PFarmed animals: the hidden truth and how to bring their stories
Melanie Jaecques
14:30-15:20P"Tails" from the trenches
Indra Lahiri
15:30-16:20PActive for animals: New online tools to manage your street events and help discover trends and pitfalls in your activist strategy
Peter Rønsby
15:30-16:20PRecording the truth
Matteo Cupi
16:30-17:50WAnimal rights arguments
Jens Tuider
16:30-17:50MInside Fur
Ola Waagen
16:30-17:50DOpen Discussion Slot
19:30-20:20PLearning from SHAC - building resilience to become more effective
Lorna Cooper
19:30-20:20PEffective ways to promote veganism
Sebastian Zösch
20:30-22:00networking with free snacks

Saturday, September 12th 2015

08:30-21:30     Registration & Infopoint open
09:00-21:30Exhibit/Stalls Rooms open
09:00-09:50Saturday Morning Plenary
Terry Hurtado
10:00-10:50PStrategic communication
Tobias Leenaert
11:00-11:50PBuilding a generation of animal advocates
Michael A. Webermann
11:00-11:50PA vegan view on pet animals
Jessica Postelmans
12:00-13:20DInclusive language on the campaign trail
Luke Stange
Indra Lahiri
12:00-13:20DOpen Discussion Slot
14:30-15:20PPurity politics: How animal liberation is keeping us from animal liberation
Jake Conroy
14:30-15:20PTaking on your local high street charity funder of vivisection
Denise Friend, Anton Gijsen
15:30-16:50PHunting and sabbing in Europe
Alfie Moon
15:30-16:50PBreaking the cycle of violence: Animal rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories
Ahmad Safi, Liz Tyson
17:00-17:50WSustainable activism: How to be more effective and fulfilled as an activist
Melanie Joy
17:00-18:20DOpen Discussion Slot
18:00-18:50PMaximizing our impact
Ria Rehberg
live on stage: Tes · Albino
22:00-00:00After Concert Party

Sunday, September 13th 2015

08:30-15:30     Registration & Infopoint open
09:00-15:30Exhibit/Stalls Rooms open
09:00-09:20Sunday Morning Plenary
09:30-10:20PPoliticization of the animal rights movement: France`s analysis
Manon Dené
09:30-10:20PColombian anti-bullfighting movement, an anti-speciesist approach
Terry Hurtado
10:30-11:20PVegan Outreach
Vic Sjodin
11:30-12:20PLondon Vegan Actions
activists from "London Vegan Actions" group
11:30-12:20PDefense strategies of the vivisection industry - based on the example of the Max-Planck-Institute undercover investigation
Friedrich Mülln
12:30-13:20PReinventing Animal Liberation: towards a popular militancy for non-humans
Josh Harper
13:30-14:00Closing Plenary
14:00-15:30Closing Reception with free food

Some general information about the program

All presentations and workshops are scheduled to have a 10 minute break until the next session, so that there is enough time to take a short break and switch to another room.

note: all information on this web site is subject to change as the conference planning proceeds
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