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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference

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Sharon Nuñez

Sharon NuñezSharon Nuñez is the co-founder and international director of Animal Equality. In less than 8 years since its foundation, Animal Equality has become a leading animal rights organization. Sharon has been interviewed about Animal Equality`s work in international media and the organization`s campaigns and investigations have appeared in the CNN, BBC, The Guardian or La Republica. Animal Equality has successfully campaigned and helped change laws and company policies, worked with authorities to get animal abusers convicted, and closed farms, slaughterhouses and markets investigated by the organization. Animal Equality was ranked as a top charity by Animal Charity Evaluators in December 2014, that is one of the 3 most effective animal rights organizations in the world. Sharon is also the coeditor of "LiberAnima", a book collection that promotes animal rights in Spanish speaking countries through key book publications.



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